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"It all started with the fog... that's when the monsters came."

Warning: not your average defense game!

  – The game should provide about 1 to 2 hours of enjoyment for most

Playing through the full game from start to finish takes less than 45 minutes. But it will quite likely take you some time to master the game before you will be able to do that

  – Believe it or not the game actually takes place in a screen resolution of only 128x90 pixels!

If you love chunky pixel art I think you will appreciate the chunky pixels in this game!

Don't worry you won't need a magnifying glass!

The game is scaled up to a 1280x720 resolution for actual display and you can toggle between playing the game in windowed or full-screen mode.

EIGHT different color choices. The default + 6 monochrome color + 1 grayscale. There is an animated gif over to the right showing you the available color choices.

  – Purchase 4 different types of defensive units and place them where you wish at the predefined “build” locations. Units can be upgraded, repaired or salvaged.

Additional build locations will become available as you progress through the game. The game is designed this way in the interest of balancing the gameplay experience.

You will battle 5 increasingly more powerful types of monsters as they attempt to pass through the area and you must stop them before they can exit the playfield.

  - The game is designed to be very simple to play with an innovative highly streamlined control system.

Gameplay is all controlled with a mouse.

The result is a fine balance of light strategy and an “action arcade game” experience.

Collect power ups allowing you to call for two different kinds of air support!

I focused on creating a very fun game. As much as I enjoy chunky pixel graphics I consider gameplay to be the most important thing of all.

   - The game takes place over a series of days. At the end of each day you will be presented with more of the story.

^^^ the summary is up there ^^^

From the above you already know if you absolutely don't have any interest in this game or if you find it interesting.

If you recognize the game is quite interesting the information below may help you to make your decision to buy the game or not.

I'm glad you found my game here at itch.io!

As you can see above on this page I am selling my defense game which is simply titled Gar's Defense Game (and yes I am Gar).

Although this is my first game for sale in a long time this is not my first game. I have been creating games for a long time now.

I know you might be thinking this game has to be "junk" due to its low price but it is not a "junk" game. It is a tiny game and I focused on making it a very enjoyable experience.

It's the kind of game you start playing and before you know it 20 minutes have already passed.

Don't worry because even playing through the full game will take less than 1 hour.  It can be significantly less if you decide to skip all of the story snippets at the end of each day as well as to turn on the Fast-Play feature.

For me making a game is a fantastic creative opportunity. I enjoy game design and development. I focus on creating a quality game experience.

Quality game means different things to different people. For some people quality refers only to the presentation... more specifically only the graphics. For me although I strive to make interesting highly readable graphics I focus on quality in the following ways...

Strive to innovate at least to a tiny degree whenever I create a game. As a very active Indie Game Player myself I greatly appreciate games that have their own personality and offer something even just a little bit fresh & interesting.

As a game developer I try to put some of myself into every game I make. As a result the overall game experience is uniquely mine.

Extensively test my games and remove every bug I encounter before release. Does this mean you will never encounter a bug? No... I cannot guarantee that but it does mean there are no known bugs... 0... or I wouldn't be releasing the game.

Thoroughly playtest my games to balance the gameplay and make the overall experience better. I look for opportunities to strengthen feedback, to adjust the difficulty curve and hundreds of other things.

When all of these things come into balance I believe they make a game play very seamlessly and become a game that is easy to learn yet takes time to master. A game that you start playing and lose track of time.

I believe in being direct & honest and with that in mind I want to say you will probably not like this game...
  • If you do not like pixel art and especially chunky pixel art
  • If you love AAA movie-like experiences more than you enjoy playing a solid fun game
  • If you think graphics are the most important part of a game... even more important than the gameplay itself
  • If you only like BIG games

I highly recommend the first time you play to take the time to read the story snippets because they are a meaningful part of the overall game experience.

However, my main focus was on the gameplay so you should find the gameplay quite enjoyable even if you choose to skip the story snippets on later plays of the game.

Let me explain what I meant when I said this is not your average defense game...

I suppose I might be a bit different from most people in that I like action games a lot and yet I also prefer those games to have some depth.

Yes, I like games that feel exciting and are filled with action. And I like games that have enough depth to support some light strategy. Most tower defense games have a reasonable amount of depth but the ones I have played tend to feel a little slow and do not feel very exciting.

Now, of course, this game starts out fairly slow and easy. This is how I think a game should be... start out at a pace that allows a new player to get used to the game. And slowly ramp up the difficulty over time.

The problem with most games is when you want to play the game again (and already have mastered how to play) the beginning bits feel slow and not as engaging as they should.

I attempted to solve this issue by implementing what I call a Smart Fast-Play system.  It's very simple to use this cool feature. While playing the game simply press 'F' to toggle Fast-Play on and off. 

The Smart Fast-Play system works to speed up the game in those moments when there isn't much going on and automatically resumes normal play speed when the exciting parts of the game are happening.

An added bonus is you can keep Fast-Play on all the time if you wish to make the game more exciting (and capture more of that arcade like experience). If you prefer a somewhat slower game then leave Fast-Play off.

This is only one of the ways I tried to innovate in this game to make it a unique experience.

Another unique addition is power ups. There are two kinds available that allow you to call in air support. You're welcome!

You may well find that you enjoy this game even if you normally don't enjoy tower defense games! And that was my goal. :)

There's not much else to say. There are some screenshots and video clips over there to the right for you to check out.

I will be developing more games. In fact, I plan on making at least one more defense game that takes the best of this one and expand on the gameplay even more.

Certainly if you buy this game I am very interested in hearing your thoughts about what you like and what you would like to see in the next defense game I create!

It probably goes without saying that I truly appreciate your support!

If the game just isn't your cup of tea then no worries. I completely understand that. If, however, you want to play a unique defense game then go ahead and buy the game right now.

The game costs a tiny amount of money. It's actually less than the cost of one slice of pizza here in my little town.  And the game will last much longer (at least if I am the one eating the pizza).

Thanks again and happy gaming!

- Gar


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Fun little game :)


I just updated the game and recommend downloading it again whenever is convenient for you so you have the latest version.

If your after a classic style low resolution game, This is the game for you, there is obviously allot of work gone into perfecting the gameplay and the graphics is quite amazing considering the sizes it was drawn in, and has some flashy parts. For the price of a cup of coffee what a bargain.

Thanks so much for your comments. I really appreciate it!

I kept getting killed in the Christmas game because my reflexes aren't what they used to be.... is this one easier?  

It starts out slow & easy AND you have power ups. lol